Jacob Reptile is a fiber artist celebrating the world around us but sneaking in the dirty truth.  He
is a believer in healthy ecosystems, whether it be for his passion for designing and creating aquariums and garden spaces, building a thriving community around the studios in his home, or creating magical spectacle performance for the public to witness.


His personal art work focuses on both larger than life imaginative creatures, lush colors and textures to create interactive curious objectives. His work is playful, wild, and intricate – always dancing between real life and the imaginative world.


“You don't know me!” my favorite thing to say to everyone.

When I was young my only friends were animals and plants but with puberty I became a wild young thing in New Orleans. My art celebrated my sexuality and seeing what I could get away with mostly. I stripped at a bar once just to get another stripper to model for me. And met with the school principal to discuss why a box of crayons in the shape of my dick was art.

Once I got to college I got serious about what I was doing and what I believed in. Studying fiber art I became a green artist focusing on shedding light on our ecosystem and making art for nature. I started making installations and costumes from recycled materials that explored new subjects but same materials.

Upon returning to New Orleans I just wanted to have fun again. My art has not changed material wise but its been celebrating life and aimed at bringing joy to everyone in participation. Artwork has always been a distraction from the hardships of my own life. In high school being in the closet at home but making homoerotic art, then Katrina hit my sophomore year in college, then my mother died from cancer the following year (she was diagnosed 6years prior) and then in 2016 my dreams in the form of the house I
built, called the Aquarium Gallery and Studios, burned down. Throughout these times I have made art to escape these thoughts until the fire.

A couple months after the fire I created the Flaming Flagettes, an all drag flag team. We are a performance art marching parade. I had no home or place to make art so performance was the thing. It is a collaboration with all my fellow flagettes and has evolved out of my imagination but it is still my favorite project.

The Aquarium Gallery is back three years later and things are calm in my life but not the world at large. My art is in the cross roads of trying to have fun at the end of an era. The world I leave behind will be very different from the one I grew up in and I hope to slow down environmental destruction and promote peace and all the sappy stuff.  Why cant we get it together and be kind to people, recycle!, think about outcomes and be responsible for our actions. I want to make art celebrating what we have and saving it.
Trying to answer that hard question, “What can I do to help?”

Thats enough about me.


Jacob Reptile

Recent  Exhibits:

Garden of Legends, collaboration with Skye Erie



Nucleotide Tsunami, collaboration with Ursa Eyer

Good Children Gallery

Feb.-March 2020


Antenna Gallery

Oct 12 – Nov 3, 2019


Jacob Reptile  504.982.0314

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